Amanah Saham Kedah Berhad (ASKB) offers professional investment management of equity, fixed income, syariah principled and cash portfolios under a wide range of allocation such as balanced, income, growth and aggressive strategies. ASKB grants investors access to a skillful, knowledge-driven, and highly credible team of investment professionals with proven performance management capabilities. Our understanding and experiences in investment markets help us in delivering what clients want most – access to a wide range of investment opportunities and a risk-adjusted performance, solid and consistent returns over time.


At ASKB asset management, we aim to provide our clients with the most appropriate investment solutions for their needs through our combination of investment expertise and risk management. We provide professional services catering to our clients’ requirements and preferences. Our services are broadly classified under three (3) categories. Discretionary Account Clients grant us full discretion to manage their funds based on mutually agreed guidelines. A major benefit of discretionary management is the application of active management, where managers can be proactive in making adjustments to an investor’s portfolio as the investment outlook changes. Advisory Account / Non-Discretionary Account Client will be advised based on their requirements and preferences. There will be no action taken without the client’s prior permission. Restructuring Account Clients provide us with their existing equity portfolio to be restructured based on mutually agreed guidelines. Once restructured, the funds will be managed either as a discretionary or advisory accounts as stated above.


Our investment philosophy aims at delivering consistent, above average performance over the longer-term. At ASKB Asset Management, we believe that identifying good quality stocks cheaply and holding for the long term achieve superior long-term returns. We believe in consistent performance in the long run. Patience and time will produce desired results. Sound fundamentals will drive stock prices over time. We identify good companies from first-hand and as well as secondary research, and add value from active management, which constitutes intensive and ongoing scrutiny at the company level, and not from portfolio trading. We hold absolute return to be more important over the long term that index-relative. We do not see indices as providing meaningful guidance to the prospects of a company or its inherent worth. Neither market capitalization nor index membership is a guarantee of quality either. As such, we do not use indices as a starting point for building a portfolio. We are comfortable taking decisive bets against the benchmark, underpinned by convictions from proprietary analysis. Thus, we hope that our clients will benefit from our investment philosophies in handling their funds.


We apply a disciplined investment process, which combines a big picture “Top Down” view of world economies and markets, plus with rigorous “Bottom Up” research, which looks specifically at the stocks and investment funds used in constructing client portfolios to produce consistent, superior long term performance. Our investment strategies are aimed at outperforming the benchmark and our peers in the long run. The active, consistent and risk-controlled investment strategies suit the requirements and expectations of the most demanding clients. We have disciplined and rigorous processes designed to produce consistent, superior long-term performance. Our investment processes incorporate Research and analysis is a fundamental component of our integrated investment platforms. Fundamental and technical analysis to be the basis of our investment decisions. Stock selection is the key. We believe in picking the best priced stocks within each sector. Active and prudent asset allocation. Our processes do not stop at the investment decision – we believe that the outstanding performance can be generated by the quality of our portfolio execution and corporate governance.


Delivering insight Our goal is to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading asset managers. We aim to achieve this by focusing on client needs. By harnessing our global scope and diverse range of investment capabilities, we deliver innovative solutions and consistent results to our client. A licensed fund manager As your assets grow, you start thinking of managing what you have already acquired and this is when you begin to think to invest your assets and increase your wealth. Your worry on putting hard-earned savings at “quick rich scheme” or unlicensed asset managers eliminate as we are a licensed asset manager under the Malaysia Security Act. Active Management Our aim is to add value by identifying good quality securities, defined chiefly in terms of management and business model, which are attractively priced. Stock selection is the key source of equity alpha. We downplay benchmarks in portfolio construction since these provide little clue to future performance. Risk Management Focus Risk management is central to our disciplined investment management processes and it is employed to assess, evaluate and consider the implications of any investment decision we make. Our proprietary risk management system enables us to act as a ‘risk allocator’ in combining our specialist capabilities so that we thoroughly understand and manage risk for our clients. Proprietary research Our equity managers always visit companies before investing, making thousands of visits annually to existing and prospective holdings. Every contact is documented in detail. If a security fails our screens, we will not own it, irrespective of its index weight. Long-term focus Strategies are simple: buy-and-hold; add on the dips; take profits on price run-ups. This reduces transaction costs and keeps portfolios focused. We rarely focus on short-term returns. Our expertise and understanding in investment markets As financial markets fluctuate with increasing rapidity, it is becoming harder for investors to understand all the complex issues that have a bearing on their investments. This is why it makes sound business sense to place your investments with specialists who have an in-depth understanding of global economies and investment markets. Strong team At ASKB Asset Management we believe that our disciplined team approach – which includes individual accountability – is the best way to achieve superior investment performance and first-class service. We therefore seek out specialists who are team players, passionate about managing investments, and who work according to ASKB’s business principles. Depth and breadth of capabilities We offer investment capabilities across all major asset classes, including active, risk-controlled and indexed investment management in equity and fixed income. In response to a changed investment environment, we have developed a number of investment solutions to meet the needs of wholesale and institutional clients.